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photos from 28 years of past presentations:

For a group of photos from Mills Community House, 2010, click here.

International Women's Day BAWHP founders
Becky Kremer's quilt Susan B. Anthony Centennial Parade, Beulah
Flappers Women's History Timeline Bra Burner
Song Spinners Bookstore
Viola Liuzzo and Friend Panel 2003
Candace Anderson Michigan Women QuiltMary Anne Rivers

row 1: (a) Rebecca Clark, a BAWHP founder, talking about International Women's Day, March 8 (b) BAWHP planning committee, 1983
row 2: (a) Becky Kremer, master quiltmaker, 1993 (b) Susan B. Anthony (Mary Sutherland), 1994 (c) Modern suffragists march for the vote on Beulah's Centennial, 1990
row 3: From 2002: (a) Flappers (b) Women's History Timeline (c) Bra Burner
row 4: (a) The Song Spinners (b) The Bookstore, both 2004
row 5: From 2003: (a) One of the historical figures–Viola Liuzzo, civil rights martyr–and friend (b) Panel, Women Stepping Out
row 6: (a) Candace Anderson (who won the quilt), 1989 (b) Quilt celebrating Michigan women, 1987 (c) Mary Anne Rivers 2002